Welcome to BellaLuxe! The first dedicated Eyelash Extension Spa in the Washington DC area! At this AWARD WINNING Eyelash Extension Spa you will step away from ordinary lashes and leave our spa with traffic stopping, amazingly natural, lashes. Forget your makeup, wake up Fabulous!

All of our stylists are Licensed Cosmetologist or Estheticians and have completed extensive one on one training. All of our products are Ophthalmologist tested and guaranteed safe for the eyes. At BellaLuxe we are dedicated to making your more fabulous with the finest service and highest quality products available in the industry.

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BellaLuxe: The Best Eyelash Extensions Company

Welcome to the glamorous world of BellaLuxe, Luxury Eyelash Extensions! The best kept beauty secret of the celebrities can now be yours. BellaLuxe offers Beautiful, Natural, and Glamorous Lash Extensions, and a wide range of the highest quality Eyelash Extension Products

Lash Extensions

If you have wanted to treat yourself to a beauty enhancement with eyelash extensions but have had some reservations about the process and the price, you are going to be pleasantly surprised. Our eyelash extensions are expertly applied to each individual natural lash using the best eyelash extension products and the best adhesive or lash extension glue on the market. Once we've completed the application of your new fabulous lash extensions, you will immediately have thicker, longer and more glamorous lashes and no need to wear mascara ever again! Wake Up Fabulous!

Start Glamming up gorgeous with Luxury Eyelash Extensions applied by a master lash stylist at BellaLuxe where we offer the Best Eyelash Extensions anywhere!

Eyelash Extensions Procedure

Everyone is curious about how semi permanent eyelash extensions are applied. Simply put, an individual synthetic lash is bonded with our specially formulated BellaLuxe lash extension glue to each individual natural lash; one lash at a time. This procedure expands the length and width of your own lash, giving you an amazing set of thicker, fuller and longer glamorous lashes. If you've tried false eyelashes before and have been disappointed with the results, we understand. Our affordable eyelash extensions are the best eyelash extensions available, and you will be amazed at how natural they feel, and how glamorous they make you look. A full set of luxury eyelash extensions takes approximately two and half hours to apply. For a re-lash it can take about one and a half hours to complete. While you are getting your eyelash extensions BellaLuxe provides a soothing, spa like environment to help each client feel relaxed and comfortable during the lash extension application process.

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With the BellaLuxe professional application you don't have to worry about damaging your lashes. A strong eyelash bond is applied around your lashes, actually protecting them from wear and tear, optimizing the growth of your own lashes. This is a meticulous process, requiring a well-trained, certified professional to ensure beautiful results without damaging your own lashes, and you can be assured that BellaLuxe Lashes provides the highest quality without compromising the health of your eyes and lashes. We recommend getting a touch up every 2 to 3 weeks. Your natural lashes have a 60 - 90 day life cycle. Re-lashes are needed every 2-3 weeks to replace new growth and any fallen lashes. With your re-lashes you will have fabulous lashes all year long.

For the most beautiful and natural looking eyelash extensions, or re-application of lash extensions come to BellaLuxe, where beauty and glamour are waiting for you.

For Lash Stylists, shop at the BellaLuxe product boutique for the best Lash extension supplies available. We offer the highest quality products for the best prices you'll find anywhere.

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