LASH DROPS…trust us when we say that we’ve never recommended a product so highly as we do this one. POSH couture

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Beauty Best:: Bella Luxe Lash Drops

Okay, whoah, it’s been hard to keep something this amazing a secret from all of you, but we literally have hit the beauty JACKPOT. You know we love to reccomend our favorite products to you guys, and trust us when we say that we’ve never recommended a product so highly as we do this one. We’ve never been so passionate about how huge the results were with one single item.

 We’re fairly obsessed with all beauty products, as you already know, so when products came out that held the promise of naturally growing our lashes, we obviously jumped on board. And while our eyelashes did grow, they came out with some weird side effects. Such as weird discoloring on our eyelids and our eyelashes growing every which way, which we were less than thrilled about. We’ve told you guys before about how much we love Bella Luxe Eyelash extensions, and when they excitedly told us about the new vitamin drops they were developing that would help to naturally grow and strengthen your lashes, we knew we’d be its biggest fans. No surprise, our lashes have taken on a new life: they look absolutely amazing. Naturally thick, long lashes.. we seriously could not ask for more.

Here is how the Lash Drops work:


What gets even better? Our HAIR is growing! It’s strong, it isn’t breaking off nearly as much and it’s growing at a rapid rate! You guys, for $35, you literally cannot purchase anything better for the task at hand. The other products that we’ve previously used cost around $200, and didn’t have any type of positive lasting effect, but our Lash Drops have revolutionized so many different areas of beauty for us.

We believe so deeply in the product, that we wanted to make it easily available to you guys, so starting today you can purchase Lash Drops on Posh Boutique! We just know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you’ll be as excited about what this is doing for your eyelashes and your hair as we are. Make sure you take before and after pictures for our follow up blog showing everyones amazing results!

Click here to see more information about the product and to purchase it from Posh Boutique!

Ask Miss A on BellaLuxe

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Lush Lashes In Time For Valentine’s Day

By Lisa Marie 

February 9, 2011 0 Comments 

If there’s anyone who understands eyelashes, it’s Mitzi Hale. She owns BellaLuxe Lash Studios in Falls Church, Virginia, where she puts her prowess to use masterfully applying the most glamorous eyelash extensions imaginable. So when the blond bombshell,wife and mother of two invited us in to check out her studio, we jumped at the chance! 

Mitzi and her team stop at nothing to amplify puny eye fringe. With over 350 returning clients, she has a wide variety of personalities visiting her daily. Her clientele runs the gamut from high level politicians to a DC’s celebrity drag queen named “Precious“. Extreme opposites are often lying next to each other on the luxurious individual spa beds in her studio. The entertaining chat is an added bonus making the 2 1/2 hour application process go by in a flash. 


Eyelash extensions started in Asia and made their way west. Unlike traditional false eyelashes that only last one day and are applied on a strip, synthetic eyelash extensions are glued to individual eyelash hairs one by one with the specially designed tweezers. Hale tells us she’s had here’s custom made by a leading medical instrument company. The lashes she uses are also custom made in the US. Yes, Hale is a perfectionist which is very apparent the minute you walk in to her posh, pink location. 

Constantly surrounded by celebrity culture and celebrity-centric media, so many want to look like they too are walking down a red carpet. Eyelash extensions are a way for the average person to look really glamorous really fast. Hale tells us that the boyfriends and husbands of her customers are some of her her biggest fans, often paying for their partners monthly relash sessions because they love the way they look! 

BellaLuxe Lash extensions can be worn in conjunction with LATISSE® and other lash serums, enhancing the overall look. The process takes two and half hours and they last the growth cycle of natural lashes. It typically costs around $275 with monthly relash around $85. “Worth every penny!” said one of her satisfied customers as she walked out the door with her fresh relash just in time for Valentine’s Day. readers will recieve $50 off by using discount code “MissA” 

BellaLuxe presents Lash Drops! Click image to view our commmercial.

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Click the logo to see Lash Drops commercial!

BellaLuxe is a favorite on POSH

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A Very POSH Christmas: Fab. Forties.

We love our forties group! It’s all so established and classy. Nothing too trendy, but everything is a statement piece. That’s the key: nothing is overdone, as any fabulous woman in her Forties should be. Classy, beautiful, striking and just enough show.  As if to say that you have nothing left to prove, you’ve already made it.

1. Karl Donoghue “Mongolian Shearling Jacket”: $1001.00- We love this so much we can’t even count to ten. It’s so beautiful, so warm, so daring.. everyone needs one!

2.. Chloé  “Heloise Leather Hobo Bag”: $1595.00- We love the shape, the color, the leather.. it’s timeless! What a wonderful everyday bag!

3. MistH20 “Water”: $35/case- Find us a cooler bottle of water, and we’ll change our mind, but this water is TO.DIE.FOR! Look at that bottle! Imagine what a unique and chic hostess gift this would make! We’d love a case of this as a Christmas gift! The bottles would just look perfect sitting on a kitchen counter!

4. Custom Eyelash Extensions by Bella Luxe: Contact for Price- We swear by these eyelash extensions! Just imagine never having to buy a tube of mascara ever again! Imagine waking up and feeling glamorous and beautiful before you even get out of bed! That’s exactly how you’ll feel with your eyelash extensions!

5. Tom Ford “Private Blend Jasmine Musk” Eau de Parfum: $190.00- There is something so sexy about Tom Ford for women. He seems to have a way of really knowing what is perfect for a woman, be it clothing, accessories or scents. And this Jasmine Musk is absolutely no exception. Jasmine Musk was created from ylang-ylang, jasmine, vanilla, orris, patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver, citrus, amber and musk… ahhh, it’s so perfect we almost can’t believe it’s available to buy!

6. Honesty Jewelry “Shambala Bracelet”: Contact us at Posh Couture for price- We LOVE our honesty, and this gorgeous Shambala bracelet is no exception! We just die for the Pave diamonds and the gorgeous bronze beads! Sure to be a show stopper. But hurry, these go so fast and we just got our new shipment in, so hurry up and get yours now! You can email us at for inquiries.

7. Brian Atwood “Maniac Patent Platform Pump”: $580.00- Oh Brian, you’ve done it again. Made in Italy, the quality of these shoes is incredible, and with it’s shiny black patent leather and it’s hidden platform, these shoes will be worn for many seasons to come.

8. Cartier “Love Watch”: $12,300- 18 Round-Cut Diamonds, 18-Karat White Gold Case… I meaaaaaaan… what’s not to love?!

9. Louis Vuitton “Personalized Keepall 55″: $1620.00- First of all, every woman needs to own multiple Louis Vuitton’s. Secondly, a woman in her Forties should have hers customized with her initials, it’s simply the classiest way to carry the bag. We love this duffle bag because it’s perfect for last minute weekend excursions! What a wonderful gift this would make, it’s a guaranteed hit!

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